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Thank you for taking advantage of Infomax products & services. We at Infomax take pride in the great value and quality of the products and services that are delivered to you. Every product you purchased comes with great care and support. Our Customer Support is here to provide you exceptional customer service experience. 

Our helpful and friendly support engineers are always on standby to receive your calls and emails to address your concerns/inquiries right away. You may also refer to our customer support FAQ's for help on common concerns/issues with your purchased product.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


Q: Why can't I open InfoCapture? Nothing happens when I open the program. 


A:  This happens when your Drive O: is disconnected. Ask the assistance of your IT department to disconnect and map your Drive O: once again. Try opening InfoCapture to check if it is now accessible.


Q:  Why do I get an error saying "media size greater than 0" whenever I try to export documents? 


A:  This error occurs when you are trying to export into a location which does not exist or is not accessible at the moment. This usually occurs when trying to export into a mapped drive. Check the export location if it is accessible. 


For more information on other troubleshooting tips, please download the InfoCapture Troubleshooting Guide.


Q:  Why do I receive an "I203W Error" when attempting to retrieve a report? 


A:   This is encountered when a connectivity problem occurs between the servers. Perform a restart of all the Mobius servers and try accessing the report again. 


To understand the most common error codes, please download the Error Message Guide.


For immediate assistance to any of your concerns, please call +63 (02) 8136721 loc. 127 for the customer support hotline or email us at