M-Power Forms

M-POWER FORMS TELEFORM CAPTURE is an exclusive bundle including TeleForm, eForm Suite, M-Files Connect Agents and an eForm integration module with M-Files. 

M-POWER FORMS provides electronic, mobile and distributed paper based forms and document stream capture for M-Files. The document capture system is based on the renowned and well established TeleForm architecture. It includes Form Designer, Reader, Verifier, Scan Stations, Web based distributed scanning, server based forms and OCR processing, smart document classification, document stream analysis (IDR) and much more.


M-POWER FORMS TELEFORM CAPTURE is part of the M-POWER series of Add-Ons for M-Files. It is offered as single user or distributed workgroup combination.


 All input channels: Scan, Web, Hot Folder, eMail, Fax and eForms. 

 All formats: structured and free form in color, b/w, e-forms in PDF & HTML, office documents.

 All devices: scanner, MFP, phone & tablet.

 All locations: on-site, remote-locations, online and offline data capture.

 Full depth: Classification, extraction, verification, data enhancement and normalization of data in a distributed highly scalable environment.



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