ASG partners with its clients to improve productivity and significantly enhance IT performance through the intelligent use of technology. Founded in 1986, ASG is a privately held global enterprise software and professional services firm that provides a full range of software solutions in the Metadata Management, Applications Managements, Operations Management, Content Management, Performance Management, Security Management and Infrastructure Management arenas.

ViewDirect Records Management. A records management solution that can capture, index, store, access and delete any enterprise record. It is tightly integrated with the Microsoft suite of office and mail products, and provides all the features necessary to manage the lifecycle and security of your records and documents. Customizable views and an easy-to-use, powerful search tool enable users to quickly search and access needed enterprise content.

eSearch and View. A powerful Web-based tool for searching documents, reports, and images stored in both ViewDirect for Networks and ViewDirect for MVS. It unlocks information in documents and images that other Web search engines cannot access including application report output, bills, statements, scanned forms, e-mail, transactions, policies, images, customer correspondence, and more.

DocumentDirect. It works in conjunction with ViewDirect to provide access to view and print documents in any file format (including AFP, DJDE, PCL, PostScript, PDF, etc). DocumentDirect provides a wide range of options for manipulating the display of reports and documents including rearranging report column names, rotating images, and changing the font in which data is displayed.

Workflow Direct for the Internet. It supports Internet-based viewing of any document, using any Web browser in a thin client environment, without any plug-ins or ActiveX viewing modules. The Document Explorer enables users to browse indexed documents and access the documents they want.

ViewDirect-ABS. A comprehensive software product that monitors and guarantees the quality of data. It automatically retrieves information, either summary or detailed, and checks its validity. Based upon evaluation of data, ViewDirect-ABS takes any actions prescribed such as stopping processing, sending messages, triggering other processing, invoking work tasks (via WorkflowDirect, or producing a report using the report writer facility. ViewDirect-ABS automates the time-consuming, error-prone application balancing that many organizations now perform manually.


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