• BDO Rolls Out $2-Million ASG Document Solution

    Banco de Oro (BDO) is investing an initial $2 million for the implementation of the document and managing system across its branches using a business solution provided by ASG Software Solutions. During the signing ceremony Friday, BDO executive vice president Dennis Velasquez said the project started last year with the rollout of two business solutions that would make it faster for the processing of checks daily.

    The bank is processing 100,000 checks a day and reaches up 150,000 on peak days that would be made available in the system and across the branches, said Velasquez. Velasquez said he is excited with the implementation that would address the demand of its customers and substantially save on paper costs.

    The Mobius ASG-ViewDirect, the world's most scalable, full-featured archiving platform, manages billions of items a year as the "archive of record" for leading organizations around the world. Migrating static content to ViewDirect for long-term retention facilitates compliance with support for read-only storage and minimizes costs with support for the full range of storage media. ASG president and CEO Arthur Allen said implementing ASG solutions would be a business advantage for banks and industries. With more than 2,000 customers worldwide, Allen said he is proud to have BDO as one of ASG clients. “I’m honored we were able to have BDO as customer with ASG,” Allen added. Joseph Goyanko, president and general manager of Infomax, the implementation partner of ASG in the country, said that BDO is the first domestic bank to implement the ASG solution that would provide a highly scalable repository system, create new business opportunities and improve customer relationship.

    “We reiterate our commitment to the project with the ASG solution as a business advantage for BDO,” said Goyanko. ASG delivers a comprehensive solution that extends the capability of SAP applications, improves system performance, and facilitates the enterprise integration that is the goal of successful SAP implementations. With certified SAP NetWeaver and SAP ArchiveLink interfaces, ASG-ViewDirect integrates information in any format, from any source, and provides robust capabilities for secure access, search, and delivery to any application or user.