• Infomax Partnership With Penvision And Anoto Digital Pen

    Infomax Systems acquires the rights to resell Anoto Digital Pen and PenVision Formidable software in the Philippine market. This technology is a significant step in our goal to provide fast and efficient data capture.

    The current practice of scanning and indexing documents is a very tedious process involving movement of precisou documents and expensive manpower for indexing and QA.
    The Anoto technology makes the paper the input device such that whatever is written on paper is immediately captured and transcribed into the system. The result is a legally accepted document, accurate data with very little user training.

    The Anoto Digital Pen will not replace the classic scanning and indexing but will provide another alternative for the  capture of high-value Documents and data. One example of it use is for loan application. The Loan agent can visit the clients office and enter the clients information and amount of loan. This is immediately sent to the server for validation and risk analysis. The agent can use the cellphone for data transfer.

    When approved the client then signs the Loan Agreement form and the Loan Agent can go to the next client without going back to the office for data entry.

    Visit us of call 813-6721 for a demonstration.