• Landbank goes out of the box


    Landbank of the Philippines (LBP) February 2014

    Last First quarter of 2014 Landbank acquired an additional module of LBP’s existing IDRARS-INFOCAPTURE System.  This solution aimed to address the tracking of the movement of record boxes as well as providing an inventory system to expedite process in updating their records.

    InfoTrack, also known as iTrack, is a locally developed system of Infomax that provides monitoring and tracking capability for physical documents. The iTrack to be delivered to Landbank of the Philippines or LBP will cater to the record boxes that will go in and out in the storage warehouse. This will be an additional module for LBP IDRARS-INFOCAPTURE System.

    By using iTrack, LBP will be able to monitor the location of the record boxes and can track the status online. Approval system is also included as part of checking out process. iTrack supports barcode technology that enables the system to expedite inventory process. A list of reports is also available for queries and printing.