• Make way for Philippine National Bank


    Philippine National Bank (PNB) March 2014

    Our First Client for 2014!

    Infomax addressed the Report and Document Archival and Retrieval Project (RDAR) requirement of PNB to its current repository systems (RMS, FTP, Alchemy and RDS) with Mobius Solution that will stand as the centralized content repository for their reports and documents. The existing Direct Connect system will also be replaced by Outbound Solution and will handle the pulling of reports from Mainframe system.

    By using Mobius, challenges such as high mainframe workload and reduction of output can be avoided. The current process of splitting and bundling which needs to perform daily is no longer required. Mobius will handle the sectioning of reports through the use of policies which is a one-time setup.  These policies will be read by Mobius during the archival process. Once archived, authorized users can now access the reports and documents.