• Infomax wins 3rd place at AIM-ADB Hackathon

    Asian Development Bank (ADB) together with Asian Institute Management (AIM) is hosting its first-ever Hackathon on 1-3 September 2018, held in the ADB Auditorium. ADB-AIM Hackathon invites the brightest minds from across the world for a collaborative co-creation of innovative solutions to real development challenges.

    Over 500 participants from all over the world joined the Hackathon. This number was later trimmed to fifteen teams composed of four or five members each to take one of the following challenges: (1) Hack the Health Solution for Rural Areas in Asia, (2) Digital ID Challenge, and (3) AI for Trust in Fintech Challenge.

    Infomax System Solution and Services Inc. has been privileged to be part of this prestigious event, Our Product and Development Team has been the representative of this event led by its Team Lead, Justin Goyanko and his members, Princess Cruz, Rodel Bernabe and Eric Bie which they participated in the AI for Trust in Fintech Challenge.

    The challenge is to create a proof of concept of automated monitoring of Integrity Due Diligence (IDD) for KYC procedure using AI.

    ADB conducts integrity due diligence (IDD) on its business clients and partners. This is similar to the “Know Your Customer” process used in the financial service industry.

    As part of the challenge, the team needed to create a working demo for ADB’s Know Your Customer (KYC) using AI (Artifical Intelliigence) which their entry is “InfoDocs”.

    “InfoDocs” is a Natural Language Processing and Hadoop platform for a centralized document repository and search tool to get meaningful visualizations and reports in facilitating IDD / KYC.

    The team didn’t disappoint and brags the 3rd place, they were chosen as one of the top 3 out of 50 entries worldwide for the AI for Trust in Fintech Challenge or KYC (Know Your Customer), where they were pitched to a crowd of 200 people including event sponsors and organizers.

    Infomax plans in the future that “InfoDocs” could be part of our InfoSuite which currently has InfoTrack, InfoCapture and InfoAsset among its solutions.

    This is to continue to build new solutions to satisfy the cost requirement of the Philippine market and pursue the use of these information using Big Data technologies.